Thermoforming films – like a “second skin”

Our thermoforming films with their “second skin” effect and extremely small and thin seam provide the most hygienic and aesthetic shrink films.  Exceptional machinability and supreme sealing properties contribute greatly to an efficient and economical packaging procedure. Thanks to its high transparency and minimum seal contamination, these films afford a clear view of your appetizing products. Top and bottom web can be combined in terms of colour and make your product stand out. Images can be printed in up to eight colours.

The following features will convince you of EichelsdorferShrinkShape:

  • Easily adjustable shrink properties of the top web and effective deep-draw of the bottom web
  • Reduction of the materials used in favour of a sustainable production process
  • Glossy surface and high transparency
  • Stability thanks to high puncture resistance and seal strength
  • High promotional value of the top web, which can be coloured or printed according to your wishes

Please download our flyers for details:

Thermoformbare Folien: Schrumpffolien für Thermoformbare Maschinen
Download Thermoformbare Folien
Shrink Films for Thermoforming Machines
Download Shrink Films for Thermoforming Machines