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Protection for fresh meat and cold cuts

Fresh meat and cold cuts require high barrier films. Our films are extremely smooth. Films used for the wrapping of bone meet are extremely puncture resistant. We provide first-class, safe and aesthetic shrink pouches in all sized required.

meat Fleischfolie Eichelsdorfer Shrink meat


Shrink pouches of the EichelsdorferShrinkMeat series are extremely smooth. The 11-layer extrusion technology and the use of high-technology polymers coupled with extensive research and development have generated a first-class, secure and optically brilliant shrink pouch. Even with a thickness of only 40 µm, the multi-layer film provides optimum product safety and a high puncture resistance in a dimension previously reserved for 60 µm films. The pouches are available in different lengths and widths.

The following features will convince you of EichelsdorferShrinkMeat:

  • Highly transparent pouch – sales-promoting appearance without brown discolouration
  • Excellent sealing – high product safety
  • Films with a reduced thickness – smooth; quick and easy handling
  • Glossy surface – a highly appealing product presentation
  • High puncture resistance – little leakage
  • Chlorine-free EVOH barrier – sustainable packaging

Download unserer Broschüre mit technischen Daten: Broschüre Meat Bone film (englisch)Broschüre Meat Bone film (deutsch)

bone Konochenfleischfolie von Maria Soelll High Technology GmbH Nidda, Maria Soell HTF


Protection for fresh meat with bones 

Our extremely puncture resistant shrink film for bone in meat is a true innovation for the meat industry. As of now, large pieces of meat with sharp bones can be packed without the risk of puncture. Meat processing becomes considerably easier and more efficient, and boneguard cloth is no longer required. The oxygen barrier is excellent. The pouches of this series of products stand out due to their high viscosity. They are available in different widths and lengths.

The following features will convince you of EichelsdorferShrinkBone:

  • Superb machineability – very quick and safe processing
  • Extraordinary seal strength – high product safety
  • Extremely high puncture resistance – less leakage without boneguard cloth
  • High stiffness – packaging of large bone in meat parts
  • High shrink – smooth pouch
  • Excellent gloss – sales-promoting appearance without brown discolouration
  • Chlorine-free EVOH barrier – sustainable packaging

Download: Meat Bone film (english)Meat Bone film (deutsch)