Innovative packaging film for fresh meat

Save Food - Our contribution o sustainability
Save Food – Our contribution to sustainability

Our innovative packaging film for fresh meat minimises food losses and food waste, extends shelf live and improves the supply of food. Protecting the environment through waste prevention is very important to us and our customers. They appreciate our shrink films for the long durability, which makes the transport of packaged meat a sure thing. Our multilayer films offer the best possible food protection. Thus reduces the disposal of food.

Our shrink packaging allows material and transport weight savings. Innovative material structures limit blood and juice loss of the vacuum sealed meat. The slower bacteria growth extends shelf life and enhances the appearance if the packed goods. “Save Food” is a sure thing with the film produced by Maria Soell HTF.
Whether with or without bone: we have the film to reduce meat waste and losses.


Save Food

With our shrink films, we and our customers make an important contribution to sustainability by protecting the packaged meat from damage or even premature spoilage. The well-known magazine “The Economist” drew attention to the context in a much-noticed article. Its conclusion: “Save the planet: vacuum pack”! Read for yourself.[:]