New extrusion line

Full steam ahead for growth: in April, a new facility in Nidda will be launched. The consequences are a significant capacity expansion and the possibility of many new product developments.

We are proud that we have signed all the necessary contracts and will commission another 11-layer triple bubble plant in April 2020 at our Nidda site! The capacity of our company will noticeably rise in the eighth year of its existence.  This will give us a redundant production structure in combination with our first plant. Our “newcomer” will be able to do all that the current plant does, but at the same time but at the same time allow an important expansion of our product portfolio.

At the new plant we will take a big step towards a sustainable future. A prototype of our film has the processing properties of a monofilm despite its multilayer structure and the associated performance. With this we have come a lot closer to the recyclability and the strict legal requirements for a circular economy. At the facility, which will start production in April, we will continue to work hard to meet the requirements of the future with our material.