Meet you on IFFA 2019

We are exhibiting at the world fair for the meat industry IFFA in Frankfurt. From 4.-9.5.2019 we can meet in hall 11.0 at our booth E 15. We are looking forward to your visit.

It will be a pleasure for us to meet you and to to inform you today about the news in our house. We would like to convince you of the following advantages:

In summer, we will commission another 11-layer triple bubble plant at the Nidda site. This will give us a redundant production structure in combination with our first plant. Our “newcomers” will be able to do all that the current plant does, but at the same time allows for different optimization in the manufacturing process and in our films.

Our films score in material efficiency! We were able to develop a new variant of just 35 μm. This is thinner and thus more material-efficient than comparison films with good values ​​of shrinkage, penetration and barrier of the film. The most sustainable feature of packaging is and remains its protective function. Reducing food loss is the embodiment of resource protection. With our extra-thin shrink film EichelsddorferShrink you can relieve the environment even more effectively. Within packaging waste of the EU, only 10 percent are flexible films – with the consistent exploitation of the potential of flexible packaging, more than 50 percent of packaging waste can be reduced.