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Films for cheese: In order to guarantee quality

Our shrink pouch designed for the packaging of ripening cheese and hard cheese provides the right carbon dioxide penetration for different types of cheese.




We offer bespoke solutions for the packaging of a sophisticated product such as cheese. In order to guarantee the specific ripening conditions required, our films offer optimum barrier properties and allow for a ripening process in a hygienic environment with full flavour development but without weight reductions. The pouches are available in different colours, lengths and widths.

The following features will convince you of EichelsdorferShrinkCheese:

  • Carbon dioxide penetration according to the type of cheese in order to permit its optimum ripening process
  • Excellent shrinkage
  • Smooth film with a reduced thickness – optimum machinability
  • Glossy surface – highly appealing product presentation
  • Individual colouring of the film and printing in up to 8 colours
  • Chlorine-free EVOH barrier – no brown discolouration, particularly environmentally friendly

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